Skylanders: Giants Review

Skylanders-Giants-Splash-Image-2Skylanders Giants is a video game, where you explore a magical land call Skylands. The object of the game is to defeat the evil sorcerer, Kaos. You buy and collect Skylander action figures that you put on the portal of power. It brings them to life in the game.

How to play…
First, you need to explore Skylands to find enemies, gold and treasure chests. When you find enemies you attack and kill them and you get experience. When you find a treasure chest, it is loaded with gold and money. You can use the gold and money to upgrade your Skylander’s magical abilities. Also, when you go through element gates, you need certain Skylanders to do this, you find hats inside. These hats will boost armor, critical hit, and other abilities.

I enjoy Skylanders. It is an overall fun game, and I think anyone who enjoys video games will like Skylanders.

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